Diarrhea rocks!

Being so skinny and so damn titless, this blond mommy looks like a boy. However, unlike boys, she’s got something very special that she uses to please her fuckmate – her surprisingly tight hairy pussy.

blond mommyhairy pussyliquid shit

When the guy rams his cock into it, he forgets about everything – absolutely everything, word.

Still, natural reflexes can’t be resisted even when you are incredibly horny and incredibly focused on fucking someone. Standing over the mommy and fucking her face, the guy understands he can’t resist the diarrhea any longer – and lets the brown waters flow, sending a real spray of liquid shit flying down, right onto the milf’s belly and pubis. Think she will just freak out and kick his dirty ass? No way! Being such a faithful wife and such a messy copro sex junkie, she will only beg him to follow the shitting with a golden shower. Mere minutes later the poo will be all over her body – and all over her man’s body as well. Diarrhea rocks! 😉

golden showerdiarrhea rocksmessy copro sex

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