Bad girls shit on man

Think that I show you too many scenes that feature shit-covered ladies here in my blog? Well, don’t be in too much hurry to accuse me of being a narrow-minded person – I’m here to fix this little mistake of mine with the help of today’s mind-blowing free scat video gallery. The victim of shit games shown here is a man – and the ones covering him with their wonderful warm excrements are women. Three of them, to be precise.

toilet beauties

The guy is definitely in the mood to take a totally uncompromised treatment – the girls shit on him again and again, and he only keeps on smearing their stuff all over his body, his hairy chest and his face. He takes so much of it that it covers him in a smelly little pile! When he gets up from the floor, he no longer looks that human.

Jeez, he’s like one of them swamp monsters you see in horror movies. And the swamp monster is here to take revenge on his dominatrices – go ahead and see him giving them a nice golden shower before getting down to washing himself clean.

premium scat girls

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